Mark Antony Rossi
Armored Saint is one of those bands even I have a hard time explaining to friends. They should have been big as Metallica. Their second album “Delirious Nomad” is in my top 25 metal albums of all time. It’s a masterpiece of vocal belting and twin guitar harmonies. But at the same time it has a certain simplicity to it. No overproduction values. No synths thrown in for good measure. No guest musician buddies really there to bum a buck off you when the studio closes.

No, they never really took to the stars. The lead singer even left the band and recorded with Anthrax for a while. Did a fine job there too, thanks, John. I guess it‘s hard to know what combination of song structure or vocal stylizing will make it happen for you. I took a trip down metal memory lane and said the same thing about Leatherwolf ( I mean triple axe attack, come on people) and Vicious Rumors, their “Digital Dictator” album in my top 25 metal albums of all time. And what about Apocrypha’s “The Eyes of Time” which is actually more creatively astounding than Iron Maiden’s “Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.” I am still convinced no metal album can top the gravity, urgency and sheer tidal wave velocity of Fifth Angel’s “Fifth Angel.” It’s in my top 25 metal albums of all time list. I rank it Number One. No one does songs about the end of the world with a religious slant like these guys. Ted Pilot passed but his dignified spirit lives forever through his music. Absalom.

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