Mark Antony Rossi
I like being all over the musical map. Maybe that freaks out some folks that I can handle Van Halen to Vangelis. But that is the case. I’m a writer. I’m moody. And sorry but Motorhead is great yet not helpful for my every intellectual or emotional turn. There isn’t one band that is truly capable of that. And that’s ok.

However; one band above all else is pretty close. And its name is Rush.

I once went on a 16-hour Air Force flight only listening to Rush on my Walkman. I brought ten sets of batteries with me. I only needed two.

“Spirit of Radio” continues to remind me that commerce can corrode art to the point of mushy garbage. Very similar to Fifth Angel’s second album. God rest the singer’s soul. But dag that was horrid.

“Subdivisions” is a powerful warning to bedroom communities robbed of passion will only pump out yes men and roger roger robots and never truly experience any what most call Life.

“Between the Wheels” is the perfect Cold War song outlining our total destruction if we can’t figure out how to tame the human condition.

“Lock and Key” a gritty song plainly pointing out the monsters are not out in the world but dwelling inside us. Only the lock and key of principled civility keeps the demons at bay.

While the flute and the violin contribute to putting a rattled mind to ease I say lyrics of wisdom and wonder can do the same. That someone thinks like you do. That someone feels what you feel. And maybe that someone worries the world is going in the wrong direction. Just like you do. That voice of conscience connects to listeners and transcends synths and solos and becomes the soundtrack to your life ----if only for a brief time. 

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