The Fickleness of Rock Fans' Lists


17th May 2010

Alex Torres

Rock fans are famous for making lists: best funny songs, my favourite artists, the year's real bummers and so on you name it, a rock fan will have a list for it! But, just as the album ratings we give on SoT are no more accurate than within about half a star at best, then neither are rock fans' lists reflective of more than a passing whim. I started musing about this whilst listening to IQ's Frequency recently, an album that I only awarded four-stars to here, but then placed number seven in my year-end "best of 2009" list. Well, it's one of the albums I've returned to most frequently (ha!ha!ha!) this year, and I thought it might be interesting to revisit last year's list and see which albums I actually have carried on listening to.

The Top 10 fare quite well, with only the Breathing Space and Dream Theater albums not having troubled my ear-drums at all. But, of the others (Riverside, Crimson Sky, Intentions, The Gathering, Chest Rockwell, IQ, Haddad and Animal Kingdom), only Crimson Sky, Intentions and IQ have regularly surfaced either on my CD-player or iPod.

Of the remaining albums in my Top 30 for the year, only The Tangent's Down and Out in Paris and London (originally at 16) is showing any real signs of life!

I guess these lists and the SoT ratings are just about as accurate as the government's economic forecasts!

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