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Triumph: A Night of Triumph Live (DVD)

Difficult as it may be to believe today, Triumph used to be one of the biggest rock bands in the world, with a rabid fan base that worshiped it and its feel-good music while reaching orgasmic heights during Triumph's (at-the-time) elaborate and laser-filled stage shows. That adoration is on display throughout A Night of Triumph Live, a DVD that captures the thrill that was a Triumph concert back in the late Eighties. Recorded on Jan. 16, 1987, in Halifax, Nova Scotia, this set spans the trio's dynamic catalog to cover Triumph's more melodic and commercial moments ("Somebody's Out There," "Magic Power"), as well as the band's lesser, more stereotypical songs ("Allied Forces," "Rock N' Roll Machine") and its all-out rockers ("Tears in the Rain," "Fight the Good Fight"). Then there's a solid cover of Joe Walsh's "Rocky Mountain Way," which apparently went over quite well when the Canadians played it in their homeland.

As on Triumph's Live at The US Festival, released on DVD in 2003, A Night of Triumph Live offers insight into the band's questionable fashion sense. Singer/guitarist Rik Emmett's affinity for colorful spandex pants and silk shirts, bassist Mike Levine's penchant for decorating his neck and left wrist with scarves, and singer/drummer Gil Moore's pretty-boy looks are on full display here. Additional guitarist, keyboard player and singer Rick Santer is outfitted in a tasteful sports jacket with the sleeves rolled up and actually looks the coolest on stage. His musical contributions and strong rock voice complemented Triumph well and should have earned him status as an official fourth member of the band. Triumph couldn't have achieved the live sounds it did without him. Also noteworthy are the low barricades, from which amazingly the jubilant crowd manages to stay far away.

A few technical glitches wimpy-sounding explosions and what appears to be some vocal retouching by executive producer Moore on his own performances mar an otherwise impressive set, which is available in DTS 5.1, Dolby Digital 5.1 and 2.0 sound. And an eight-minute documentary covering the band's 94-stop 1985 tour (including backstage footage at The Spectrum in Philadelphia) falls short, courtesy of a horrible narrator who makes the doc play like a grade-school filmstrip. Sample sound bite: "Rik Emmett is a superb guitarist. He's a highly trained musician." A pair of bonus videos "When the Lights Go Down" from the Live at The US Festival DVD and a cheesy promo clip for "Just One Night" presumably from a forthcoming video compilation round out A Night of Triumph Live. But, as was always the case with this band, the live show here is the towering highlight.

Track Listing:
1) Tears in the Rain
2) Somebody's Out There
3) Allied Forces
4) Lay It On the Line
5) Midsummers' Daydream
6) Follow Your Heart
7) Take A Stand
8) Magic Power
9) Rock & Roll Machine
10) Spellbound
11) Rocky Mountain Way
12) Fight the Good Fight
Bonus Material: "Backstage at The Spectrum," photo gallery, two bonus videos ("When the Lights Go Down" from Live at The US Festival and "Just One Night")

Added: January 3rd 2005
Reviewer: Michael Popke
Related Link: Official Triumph Web Site
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» SoT Staff Roundtable Reviews:

Triumph: A Night of Triumph Live (DVD)
Posted by Ken Pierce, SoT Staff Writer on 2005-01-04 07:06:17
My Score:

In the event you never realized it, Canada not only provided us with the Masters Of Prog Rock RUSH, but they are also at the fore of bringing us the music of Triumph. This amazing three-piece group ended their career far too early if you ask me. There was never a farewell or retirement tour of any kind. Such things were not as common place as they are today. One day they were very simply gone. The music of Triumph leaned more to the hard rock/metal side at times more so than that of progressive bands. The songs were almost always very easy to appreciate and they did get a sufficient amount of airplay in their heyday. I remembered that classic rock stations would play more of this type of music than one would expect to hear today. This DVD entitled A Night Of Triumph showcases one of the bands last albums in performance before their seemed retirement. That album and tour was for the Sport Of Kings record.

I will admit there is not much more to see during this than the concert itself, but this is still good considering the limited amount of this sort of product from the group. Besides this DVD, I only know of one more piece entitled Live At The US Festival. This was released in 2003. It does however give you a great concert, for they were such a great band live. I was lucky enough to see them during the biggest tours they had with Thunder Seven and Sport Of Kings.

There were one or two minor critiques I had about the piece. This was the album where Triumph employed the use of keyboards in their music quite a bit. It was an odd thing for their core audience as this led to less gritty and more commercial sounding material. It does include all of the bands hits and among them are some of the fan favorites to this day. Standout tracks are such as "Follow Your Heart", "Fight The Good Fight", and "Magic Power" and many more.

Does the closeness of these two DVDs and the back catalog remastering signify a return of Triumph to the stage? Your guess is as good as mine. Thusfar I have not heard anything of the sort and with Rik Emmett who seems to be content with all of his solo efforts it does not seem likely. Should I ever reach Gil, Rik or Mike I shall certainly let you know. This is a perfect way to sit and enjoy a truly excellent group so grab yourself a copy.

» Reader Comments:

Triumph: A Night of Triumph Live (DVD)
Posted by Rob A Marson on 2009-08-21 17:59:25
My Score:

I was at this concert in Halifax. All I can say is, if you weren't there, then you missed one of the best live rock performances ever done in Halifax. I attended almost every concert in Halifax between 1974 to 1988. Some of the bands I saw were Rush, KISS, April Wine, Styx, Joe Cocker, Van Halen, Trooper, Nazareth, Loverboy, Rare Earth, B.T.O., Alice Cooper, The Stampeders, and a few more. Triumph most definitly left a lasting impression on most that were there.

Triumph: A Night of Triumph Live (DVD)
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-01-07 20:31:18
My Score:

Dude...Are you a reviewer ? The guy isn't knocking Triumph in any way , as his score would indicate. He's merely reflecting on how things have changed in the rock world since this was recorded. It's called nostalgia (look that one up if you're not sure what it means)..I grew up in Toronto in the 70s so I kinda understand the whole "Triumph" thing too. The reviewer is not implying that Triumph has lost a step and therefore cannot perform the older material. He is merely observing that the newer material had many layers and in order to recreate the sound they did in the studio, they had to bring a 4th member on board.You admit yourself that you've never seen this DVD ,so please watch it and maybe some of the rosy tint with which you're seeing this band will dissipate and you'll see what the reviewer is alluding to..

Triumph: A Night of Triumph Live (DVD)
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-05-29 12:13:25
My Score:

This reviewer, IMO, obviously has never seen Triumph live and is obviously not very well versed in Triumph "culture" or late 70's and 80's rock culture on the whole for that matter.
He says this:

"Additional guitarist, keyboard player and singer Rick Santer is outfitted in a tasteful sports jacket with the sleeves rolled up and actually looks the coolest on stage. His musical contributions and strong rock voice complemented Triumph well and should have earned him status as an official fourth member of the band. Triumph couldn't have achieved the live sounds it did without him. "

As someone who attended every single concert Triumph played in my home town (plus quite a few more in Toronto) I gotta say this guy is full of it!! Santer was present at only ONE of the concerts (the Sport of Kings tour) and Triumph's show was spectacular without Santer, including the sound. When I saw them Gil Moore and Mike Levine alternated on keyboards and Emmett occasionally jumped on them as well. I remember thinking, up to this day, that it was incredible how a three man band could pull off such an awesome live show.
I haven't even seen this DVD yet, but as I said I attened a LOT of their live shows (at least 30 of them) and it was the experience I had at these shows that has driven me to seek out any type of recorded live performances by Triumph both audio and video. And Rick Santer has NEVER even been on my mind during any thoughts I have of this band live. THAT's how memorable his performance was at the one show I saw him at.
As for the reviewer's "wardrobe choice" comments..... Again.. this reviewer obviously never attended a live concert in the late 70's and 80's. It was actually Santer's "wardrobe choice" on the Sport of Kings tour that was off the wall and out of place. The late 70's and 80's rock scene was, by definition, all hair and spandex. All you have to do is take a look at a minimum of 5 of the top bands from that era to know that. Band's like White Lion, Van Halen, Iron Maiden, etc....
If this reviewer chooses to use "wardrobe choice" as any type of basis for a review of a rock band DVD he would probably hate Led Zeppelin's DVD package simply because of Jimmy Page's "wardrobe choices".
As for Triumph "not being able to acheive the live sounds" without Santer... News Flash my friend. They did in fact achieve some of the most awesome live sounding shows in rock history for years before Santer was ever heard of. And they did it with only three members!!
Do some research before you start doing reviews please.

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